Windows 11 ги содржи сите функционалности и заштити од Windows 10, но со надграден дизајн, изглед и функционалности. Исто така има нова функционалност sounds and applications. Сите надградби се направени со цел на подобрување на перформансите на вашиот компјутер
Доаѓа во 2 верзии Windows 11 Home и Pro. Споредбата може да ја видите во табелата подолу или на следниот линк од Microsoft.
Function Windows 10 Windows 11
Automatic HDR
Produces a richer, brighter range of colors for a truly captivating visual experience.
Chat from Microsoft Teams
Connect with anyone you prefer (call, chat, text message, video) directly from the taskbar.
Desktop groups
Switch between desktops for better organization of open windows.
Direct Storage
Get faster loading times and more detailed games.
Microsoft Store
Discover the apps, movies, and programs you like faster, and choose from a wide variety of apps.
Microsoft Teams
Make calls, chat and make plans, all in one app.
New emojis
Express every written statement with faces, people and emojis for celebration.
Photos app
The updated Photos app makes editing and viewing easier.
Hassle-free re-uploading
Continue from where you left off when you turn on / off the external monitor.
Sticking aid
New gestures make sensor navigation much more intuitive.
New gestures make navigating with touch much more intuitive.
Faster size reduction for download updates in Windows 11.
Graphic components
Photos. News. Tasks. Time. Graphic components help you find content that is important to you.
Windows on ARM
Devices with a thin and light design and incredible battery life that perform the applications that are important to you.